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All services are available to anyone going through cancer treatments. We will determine what services will be made available after one of our volunteers meets with you to make a determination of what services are needed.  
Meal delivery:


Our team of volunteers are good cooks. After many treatments our clients do not feel like cooking, we will provide home cooked meals. Many times they are soups that are gentle on stomachs.

Lawn Service


Lawn getting shaggy, hedges out of control, or flower beds overgrown with weeks, we can help. We have volunteers who love to dig in the dirt.

What Else Needs Done? 

What else needs done? Call us, most of our members are cancer survivors or caregivers we know how hard it is to get things done. If we can, we will help!

Household Help


As our client's go through cancer treatments they certainly do not feel like cleaning. We can help, we have on file various cleaning services that can assist.  We will help with payment for a certain amount.

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